Fully functional WordPress demo environment
generated for every user, in seconds.

Let your potential customers kick the tires before purchasing. Demonstrate the actual experience both in the frontend and in the backend. Drive more sales and get less support tickets due to realistic expectations.

Quick Setup

Register and set this up in 10 minutes or less. Just sign-up, select your plan, publish a link on your website, and you are in business.


You can set-up a fully functional template - theme, plugins, content, users, settings, etc. to be cloned for your potential customers to play with.


New demo sites are created as soon as your visitor requests them. It only takes several seconds.


We only charge for concurent sites and every demo site is deleted 48 hours after last visit. We also look at average monthly numbers, so you don't have to be afraid of sudden traffic spikes.

Sign up for beta access

We are currently busy making this system ready for mainstream use. If you want to help us work out the kinks, sign up to get access to our beta version.